Tell Obama and the new Congress:   Uphold the FCC vote!

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:49:05 -0400
From: Ward McAllister
Subject: White Spaces

Ms. Taylor and Mssrs. Martin, Copps, Adelstein and McDowell,
I urge you to move forward with your vote on November 4 to permit use of “white space” spectrum for rural broadband Internet service. I live in a very rural area of western North Carolina, and we lack effective competition for broadband service here due to lack of critical infrastructure.
Use of the white space spectrum in our area would support the further development of wireless broadband as an Internet access option here, and thus provide much needed market competition. Thank you for the careful work you have done on this issue to date. Please move forward with it on November 4th, without further delay.
Thank you,
Ward McAllister
771 White Oak Creek Rd.
Burnsville (Yancey County), NC 28714

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 12:10:24 -0400
From: Lewis Patrie

Subject: Use of “white spaces” for rural broadband.


I am writing asking that you support the unlicensed use of the “white spaces” spectrum in order to
solve the rural broadband problem.

Please proceed with FCC vote scheduled for Nov. 4. Do not allow TV broadcasters to succeed in blocking this vote.

The Pentagon has already approved unlicensed sharing of military spectrum in the 5 GHz band for devices utilizing similar spectrum sensing technology proposed for white space devices in the TV band which allows the spectrum to be shared on an unlicensed basis without interfering with critical uses such as military radar. Since sharing the spectrum with smart radio devices is good enough for the Pentagon, it should be good enough for broadcasters.

Inasmuch as these conclusions have already been confirmed, there would seem to be no reason for further delay.

Dr. Lewis E. Patrie
99 Eastmoor Drive
Asheville, NC 28805

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 13:03:13 -0400
From: Krys and Steve
Subject: Let the FCC Vote

Good God, it’s been six years in coming…please let the FCC vote on approval for unlicensed use of the “white spaces” for rural broadband. The huge radio and TV broadcasters have had free use of our airwaves for decades, since the 1930’s. Now they are like the proverbial “dog in a manger”. They don’t use the white spaces, and they don’t want us to use them either.

Enough already. Let the FCC vote.

Krys Crimi
Rural, fed-up dial-up user

From: Gweneeth Conklin []
Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 2008 3:42 PM
To: ‘’; ‘’; ‘’;
‘’; ‘’
Subject: Don’t delay the FCC vote

I know very little about what’s going on but what I do know is that rural America desperately needs access to high speed internet. Just because we choose to live a simple life doesn’t mean we don’t want the convenience and economical benefits that our urban neighbors enjoy. As it is we’re stuck
with dial up service for our internet providers unless we want to spend the big dollars for one of the private satillate companies, i.e. Our phone companies have told us that we’ll probably never get high speed internet through them. We’re not cost effective. It’s my understanding
that by voting to free up some type of airwave space then high speed internet would be available in the near future. Please don’t let the broadcasters get between you and us. We NEED this service and quickly.

Thank you for all that you do and I haven’t a clue what that is but it affects me I know. Stand up for us, please.

Gweneeth Conklin
Hot Springs, NC

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 15:31:04 -0400
From: Reginald Bezzola
Subject: Re: Contact the FCC for rural broadband!!!

Hi there!
I sent the following note to the 5 e-mail recipients:
I am living in a rural area not now served by broad band - all I can get is hi-speed over the cell-phone system or Satellite both at a very expensive cost.

Please do not cave in on us under the broadcasters pressure, we in rural areas need reasonably priced reliable hi-speed internet service.

Reginald A. D. Bezzola & Elizabeth M. Wyatt, 92 Boone Str Spruce Pine, NC, 28777, /828-766-7741

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 16:25:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Vote fon Nov. 4 for Rural Broadband!

October 29, 2008

Chairman Kevin J. Martin:

Please do not let the broadcasters delay your scheduled Nov. 4 vote on unlicensed ?white spaces? to solve the rural broadband problem.

I live in the mountains and satellite internet is way too expensive for me. My dial-up internet connection is 28.8 kbps tops. I don?t surf the internet, I barely doggy paddle. Email is about it for me. The only landline telephone company in my rural, mountainous county is Verizon and they are not interested in upgrading their landlines for DSL.

I appreciate all the work you and the committee have devoted to this problem. Please don?t cave in to special interests. Our airwaves belong to the public. Please vote on November 4 and vote to help we, the people!! Shouldn?t our connections to the internet be as good as some folks have in third world countries???

Thank you for reading this email.


Barbara Merrill
140 Trillium Glen Dr.
Mars Hill, NC 28754

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 09:37:17 +0000
Subject: FCC for rural broadband

Dear FCC Commissioners

Your cooperation in voting in favor of the unlicensed use of the “white spaces” spectrum to
solve the rural broadband problem would be greatly appreciated. This vote would solve the problems that affects households and many of our local businesses in rural areas that have poor access. I hope that you will act to give the citizens of rural areas their just access that is long overdue.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Sid Jordan Ph.D.
Executive Director of Prama Institute
310 Panhandle Rd
Marshall, NC

Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 09:44:00 -0400
From: mtcabin
Subject: Re: Contact the FCC for rural broadband!!!

Sent to each person of list:

Dear ………..,
For those of us in outlying rural and mountainous areas, access to reasonably priced broadband is almost essential. Corporate ownership of television and the internet has made it impossible for an average person to access information. Dial up internet is slow and independent servers like the one I use (”MAIN”) are always the first to lose connectivity through the telephone companies.
The only “satellite” internet avaliable is extremely expensive and download time is limited by the provider. The allotted time includes unwanted advertising, thus limiting access even more.
Because there are only two providers, both limiting download time and penalizing the customer who goes over “their limit”, prices are excessively high and servce is very poor. Rural Americans are not receiving a fair share of the airways; metropolitan areas have DSL providers
and WiFi availability.
Please do not side with the “broadcasters” in making broadband unavailable to rural areas.
Thank you for your consideration.

David Poteet
321 Hidden Valley
Robbinsville, NC 28771

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 09:36:50 -0400
From: Pamela Harper

Subject: We need the vacant TV channels for rural broadband

Good morning,

I work out of my home in rural Madison County and my internet and email connection is crucial to my business. I need an affordable and reliable source for my home office.

This email is to thank Chairman Martin for moving forward with the white spaces rulemaking. Unlicensed use of these vacant TV channels is our only hope for solving the rural broadband problem, especially with the financial problems facing our nation. Please, do not cave in to the lobbying pressure from the TV broadcasters.

Go forward with your scheduled vote on Nov. 4. Thanks.

Pamela Harper

Subject: white spaces and rural economic opportunity
From: “Lynn Cox”
Date: Fri, October 31, 2008 9:33 am

Dear Commissioners:

I am an attorney practicing in Western North Carolina. I represent
many small businesses, farmers, and rural landowners who would
benefit greatly from the opportunities that would be available to
them if they had reliable broadband access.

I urge you to move forward with rulemaking on the white space issue,
despite the incredible pressure you are receiving from powerful
broadcasters and lobbyists. The ability to use vacant tv channels
for broadband access will help our rural communities create ways to
weather the serious economic downturn they now face.


Lynn Cox
2 Fairmont Road
Asheville, North Carolina 28804

Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2008 13:43:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Mike Farley
Subject: rural broadband problem

My name is Mike Farley and i live in Brevard NC.  I’m eMailing to thank Commissioner Adelstein for moving forward with the white spaces
Unlicensed use of these vacant TV channels is our only hope for solving the rural broadband problem in my area and others like it, especially with
the financial problems facing our nation. 
Please, do not cave in to the lobbying pressure from the TV broadcasters.
Go forward with your scheduled vote on Nov. 4. 
Can you please keep me updated on your actions reguard this issue?
Thank you for your consideration.

Received:   10/31/2008 1:40:55 PM
Subject:      Rural broadband - please; for the people’s sake - now
Hello FCC Commissioners!

I used to walk past your offices every day on my way to work at the National Theatre when I lived at the Gangplank Marina. Always wondered what went on in there…..and now that I live in the mountains of western North Carolina, I’m starting to get an idea.

Consumer choice is pretty much what drives (or should drive) the way we do things in this free country of ours. The longer I live, the less I see
of our freedoms. While I won’t go so far as to say we have a God-given right to white spaces, though everyone else seems to invoke God’s name when they need a heavy hitter on their side, I do see the need for you as FCC Commissioners to side with us rural types and not the TV broadcasting
lobby on the free white spaces issue.

As I type this, Elizabeth Dole is just down the road, stumping for McCain, Palin, and herself. Half a mile away, the Democrat county headquarters is buzzing with activity to press Obama and Biden into service. Everybody wants something; everybody purports to speak for the little guy. Well, your vote November 4 will have immediately and profound impact on little guys (gals, in my case) like me out in the boonies.

Please go forward with the scheduled vote. These are PUBLIC airwaves. It’s been long enough. Amen.

Thank you!

Lucy Doll
Burnsville NC 28714

Subject: Re: We won the ‘white spaces’ vote 5-0 at the FCC!!
From: “Bruce Baughman”
Date: Thu, November 6, 2008 9:32 am

I was able to call and speak with each commissioner for some time on
As a former cable TV engineer I was able to speak to the technical and
entrepreneurial aspects of this issue. The issue of interference was
one we talked about and they agreed with me that it is a solvable problem and this is a great opportunity for the people of our area.
I found each commissioner listened to me. Naturally some
conversations were longer/shorter than others.
Thanks for your good work.

Have a great day!
Bruce Baughman

From: Jeffrey Cole []
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2008 10:21 AM
Subject: RE: Rural Broadband update


My name is Jeff Cole and I serve on the Board of Directors of The
Master’s Mission (a religious NPO) as well as Chief Financial Officer.

The Master’s Mission ( has trained
missionaries in the remote mountains of North Carolina for nearly thirty years now.
We have alumni from all over the world and United States, some of whom serve as
career missionaries in 13 nations of the world, including Kazakhstan,
Israel, Educador, Democratic Rep of Congo, Nigeria, Kenya, and so on.

Our training center and world headquarter are located on 1500 acres
in the remote mountains of Graham County. Why? Because it provides the best
possible setting for preparing missionaries for the challenges that
they will face in remote parts of the world.

For many years now, The Master’s Mission has been dependent upon
MAIN for email, internet, web services etc. All at dial up speed, 28.8 or 33 at best.

Our worldwide operation is moving in the direction of necessarily being
dependent upon high speed services. The options are non existent or
very limited.

I would support the efforts of MAIN secure a high speed solution to the
mountains of Western North Carolina. Thank you for your efforts to
do so and enable organizations like The Master’s Mission to function more

Jeffrey Cole, CPA
Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Directors

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