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The Southeast Fiber Forum Association, Inc., was established to foster cooperation among individuals and organized groups in the Fiber arts in the Southeast region and to encourage creativity and excellence of craftsmanship in the Fiber Arts.

To that end, SFFA has established a Scholarship to promote further knowledge of the textile arts, including, but not limited to, those related to handspinning, dyeing and weaving. While the applicant must be a member of SFFA, persons attending their first Fiber Forum, teachers, and High School and College students are encouraged to apply (the $5 membership fee can be attached to the application). In order to award as many scholarships to as many people as possible, SFFA will not consider previous scholarship winners for another award until two Forums past their winning date.

Each Scholarship will be in the amount of $200. These funds may be used to defray expenses of attending the next Fiber Forum to be held after the deadline for submitting this application. Up to two scholarships may be awarded for each Forum.

The Scholarship Committee consists of three members of SFFA who are not board members and the board President in a non-voting, advisory capacity. The Scholarship Committee will meet shortly after the application deadline, going over all the applications at the same time, making a decision, which is final. Committee members cannot apply during the year they are sitting on the scholarship committee.

APPLICATION PROCESS Applications will be accepted for next year's Fiber Forum only. To be considered for a future FF, you must present an application each time; applications will not be held over for the next application time. Applications will be accpted after April 1. The deadline for submission of application will be a postmark of August 15. Winners will be announced in September.

Click to download an application form in pdf format. You may then print it, fill it our, and send it in.
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The completed application should be mailed to: Paula Vester, 4036 Indian Manor Dr., Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

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