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SFFA Fiber Forum

Southeast Fiber Forum Association, Inc.

Fiber Forum 2007

Harmony of Fibers

hosted by

Haley's Creek Knitting Guild

Montgomery Bell State Park
near Dickson, TN. When booking rooms at the Montgomery Bell Park Inn, attendees need to use the following code for us to get credit: 3256.

near Dickson, TN

March 23-25, 2007

Download a color Brochure. Warning - this is a fairly large file (almost 1MB)

Vendor Marketplace
This is one area where everyone, and we do mean everyone, wants to make at least one or two stops before, during, or after the conference. You don't have to be registered for a workshop in order to visit the vendors. The marketplace will be open Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and until one PM on Sunday. Make a point to do all your shopping in the vendor marketplace.

Door Prizes/Goody Bag inserts
Door prizes/Goody bag inserts are donated by our vendors and other businesses around the world. We welcome any and all donations (if registrant wishes to donate, please let one of the committee members know in advance). We will draw for the door prizes at both of the evening events. You must be present to win.

Keynote Presentation by Geri Forkner
Geri writes: "From the comfort of your seat at Montgomery Bell State Park you can travel to amazing Thailand, a country of many contrasts. Modern universities teaching fine art exist along with the many fine crafts made in traditional ways. In Thailand you can travel on anything from airplanes and modern subways to open pickup trucks or motorcycle taxies - often on the same day. The scenery is just as diverse, from mountains to beaches to big modern cities to tiny villages.

"Since my son moved to Thailand several years ago, I've visited him annually. As his language skills improve, we are able to travel to small villages where the gentle Thai people are weaving fine silk weft ikat cloth on some of the most primitive looms imaginable, raising silk worms, keeping natural dye traditions alive, and working to update traditional techniques for today's market. I look forward to sharing some of my photos with you."

Workshop Visitation:
Participants are invited to "visit" other workshops during your breaks and when not interrupting instruction or lecture.

Registration begins October 15, 2006. Registrations received prior to this date will be held until October 15th.

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