1931 April 4 The Society was founded by Burnham S. Colburn and his brother, William B. Colburn and 33 interested friends who gathered at Mr. Colburn's home in Biltmore Forest, North Carolina.
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The objectives of the Society, according to the Constitution, were to "promote good fellowiship, to add to the available information regarding mineral deposits of both commercial and museum materials, to make such information readily accessible to members and to foster a free interchange of ideas."
One of the first projects of the group was the assembly of mineral exibits which were presented to the area schools throughout the mountain region for educational purposes.
1931-1957 S.A.M.S. membership grew to over 250 members.
1957 January 28 S.A.M.S. became affiliated with the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies. Throughout the years members of S.A.M.S. served on the Eastern Federation Board in various capacities.
1958 January 25 S.A.M.S. becomes "Incorporated."
1958 August 7-9 S.A.M.S. hosted the 8th Annual Eastern Federation Convention.
1960 July 1 S.A.M.S. officially opened the doors to the Burnham S. Colburn Memorial Museum at 170 Coxe Avenue, Asheville, NC.
1960 August 4-6 S.A.M.S. hosted the 10th Annual Eastern Federation Convention, in Asheville, NC.
1976 The Mineral Museum moved from Coxe Avenue to new facilities at the Thomas Wolf Auditorium.
1980's to 1990's S.A.M.S. continued serving the Museum and meeting at the Museum.
1982 S.A.M.S. and the Colburn Museum became two separate entities, with their own board of directors, bylaws, and constitution.
1986 The Colburn Museum's name was changed to the Colburn Gem and Mineral Museum.
1991 to present Transition period. While the Museum was preparing for the move to its new location at Pack Place, the Society held its monthly meetings at the Pack Library and since 1993, at the Murphy-Oakley Community Center, a part of the Asheville Park and Recreation Department.
1996 April 4 S.A.M.S. celebrated its 65th birthday. The celebration was held at Pack Place Education, Art and Science Center, courtesy of the Colburn Gem and Mineral Museum.
2006 April 15 S.A.M.S. celebrated its 75th birthday with a dinner
party at the First Baptist Church in Downtown Asheville

Illustration with text from LIVING FOSSILS by Anne L. Parker. Used by permission of Dr. James P. Parker.

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