Absolutely Unbelievable
Toxic heavy metals, chemicals and radioactive wastes mixed with agricultural fertilizers...

Toxic heavy metals, chemicals and radioactive wastes are spread over farmers' fields mixed with Fertilizers nationwide.  Realization of this came to light when Mayor Patty Martin, Mayor of Quincy, Washington led an investigation by local farmers concerned about poor yields and sickly cattle.

Most unbelievable is no federal law requiring that they be listed as ingredients.

Until now, the state Department of Agriculture sampled fertilizers only to see if they contained advertised levels of beneficial substances.

Relax --- not in North Carolina --- Don't relax.  Its a practice being used nationwide, a growing national phenomenon.

In Gore, OK, a uranium-processing plant gets rid of low-level radioactive waste by licensing it as a liquid fertilizer and spraying it over 9,000 acres of grazing land.  At Camas, WA, lead-laced waste from a pulp mill is hauled to farms and spread over crops destined for livestock feed.

In Moxee City, WA, dark powder from two Oregon steel mills is poured from rail cars into silos at Bay Zinc Co.  under a federal hazardous waste storage permit.  Then it is emptied from the silos for use as fertilizer.  When it goes into the silo, it's a hazardous waste.  When it comes out of the silo, it's no longer regulated;  it's Fertilizer.

Federal and state governments encourage the recycling, which saves money for industry and conserves space in hazardous-waste landfills.  The substances in recycled fertilizers include cadmium, lead, arsenic, radioactive materials and dioxins. 

Unlike many other industrialized nations, the United States does not regulate fertilizers.  That makes it virtually impossible to figure out how much fertilizer contains recycled hazardous wastes. 

East of Interstate 95 in North Carolina and now expanding west through the state our Rivers are polluted from waste from the Pork Manufacturing Business.  But, According to TV Ads, Cities are polluting our streams even more than the pork industry.  Some of our Rivers and streams are not save to wash our feet in. 

Now we have toxic waste mixed with Fertilizer and spread over our farm land to further contaminate our rivers, streams and certainly our ground water supply can not escape this contamination.

Our new state laws will require soil testing before chicken manure is applied to determine the safe amount of nitrogen that can be applied.  The Chicken manure and hog waste will also be tested to determine its strength.  This could possibly be considered safe if waste is also tested for chemicals. 

Now is the time to make animal safe organic fertilizer.  But, the same control and penalties must also be applied to manufacturing and City Waste Facilities. 

Canada's limit for heavy metals such as lead and cadmium in fertilizer is 10 to 90 times lower than the U.S.  limit for metals in sewage sludge, while the United States has no limit for metals in fertilizer. 

North Carolina is such a beautiful State.  Agriculture is vital to the economy of North Carolina.  But not so important that we should allow our children to be poisoned.

This is a definite problem.  The public needs to know.

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