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If you are not an old hand at browsing the internet, the following information will help you navigate this, and other, modern websites.

Opening new windows, like this one, enhances and organizes site navigation.  Like all newly-opened windows, this one can be moved simply by dragging the title bar.  It can be maximized or minimized.  It can be resized by dragging the borders or corners.  The viewer can also print the page by clicking the "print this window" link at the bottom.

However, if the viewer should inadvertently "click" outside the borders of the newly-opened window, it will automatically disappear and another new window will not open.  If that happens here - as with any advanced site - please remember to look on your taskbar where your window is hiding.  Clicking the icon there will once again display the window.  Then, when you are finished with that particular page, please close the window and move on to your next choice.

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