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Here are some resources and tools we used in planning, designing and enhancing our Web sites during the Project in 1996-1999.

Charlotte's Web/Open Studio Trainings On-line

Finding Art on the Internet  Links to search engines, art filter sites and some Open Studio Mentor Sites
Creating Great Web Sites Part 1  Critical Browsing, Web Site Design, HTML tags and a HTML Document Template
Creating Great Web Sites Part 2  Using Images, Tables, Background Images and Meta Tags
Scanning for the Web  Charlotte's Web volunteer Lydia Arnold's step-by-step guide to scanning in PhotoShop

Internet/Web Design

Learn the Net  An Internet Guide & Tutorial (also available in Spanish, Italian, French & German)
Arts Wire Spider School  Everything you wanted to know about planning and creating a web site
Web Page Design for Designers  Lots of very good info directed at designers and artists
Web Accessibility Initiative's Quick Tips  Some key concepts of accessible Web design
Layout-o-Matik  Downloadable program that generates page layout designs to which you add your text and images (Mac/Win)



HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners  Dave Kristula's easy to use HTML Tutorial
Web Page Monitor Tester  Test your web pages at different display sizes
The HTML Reference Library  Downloadable HTML reference for Windows95 users
Acceptable HTML Markup & Usage  Another HTML reference, suggested by Open Studio artist Angelo Sciulli
HTML Help  Material on a wide range of HTML related topics by The Web Design Group
Special Character Codes  List of accents, diacritical marks and commonly used symbols in the ISO Latin-1 character set (also known as ISO 8859-1)
HTML Editor  Macintosh HTML Editor (shareware), a great value for a reasonable price
NoteTab Light  Easy to use Windows HTML Editor V4.6a (free)
Fetch 3.0.3  free FTP software for Mac users to transfer Web files to a remote host computer
WS_FTP LE  free FTP software for Windows users

Graphics  Everything you wanted to know about creating Web graphics by Linda Weinman, author of Designing Web Graphics.3
Interactive Color Picker  Joe Barta's very excellent Color Picker/Testing Site (downloadable)
HTML Page Backgrounds  Charlotte's Web volunteer Bob Selz's guide to using background images on web pages
Imagemap Help Page  How to create links in different sections of a single image
Web Rules  Jay Boersma's Web Clip Art Collection
Buttons, Bullets & Bars  Chris Stephens's Shock Zone for Web Page Art
Realm Graphics  Another large, useful clip art site


Tables, Frames & Forms

Table Tutor  Joe Barta's step-by-step Table Tutorial (downloadable)
Frames Tutorial  Bob Selz's On-line Guide to Frames
Forms Tutorial:  Charlotte's Web volunteer Mike Kondratovich's excellent Forms Tutorial

Validation & Checking (Check the HTML coding on your Pages)

Dr. HTML  Easy to use site for testing your HTML pages, go here first!
Bobby  Check here to see if your site is easily accessible to people with disabilities
A Kinder Gentler Validator

Promoting Your Web Site

Selling Your Art Online  Very good site, definitely worth checking out
Self Promotion for Fine Artists  A new resource, author says she's "eager for your 2 cents!"
How Search Engine's Work  Good discussion of search engines by Linda Barlow, the Spider's Apprentice
How To Use Meta Tags  Which search engines use meta tags and how to use these tags in your pages
Meta Builder  A form to generate HTML meta tags
Submit-It  Submit your web site to many search engines at one time
World Wide Arts Resources  Huge gateway to the arts on the Internet, 3000 categories indexed



Real Audio   Bob Selz's On-line Guide to Adding Real Audio to Your Pages
Using Sounds  Charlotte's Web volunteer Randy Jones's overview of the role of audio on the Internet


Groovy Movie Tutorial  Charlotte's Web volunteer Ron Belliveau's Guide to using Adobe Premiere to produce QuickTime videos
Snappy Guide  Bob Selz's On-line Guide to capturing still images from a camcorder or VCR using the Snappy hardware and software

© Copyright & Digital Watermarking

The Copyright Website  Real world, practical and relevant copyright information by Benedict O'Mahoney

Ten Big Myths of Copyright Explained  by Brad Templeton, Electronic Frontier Foundation board member and one of the plaintiffs in Reno v. ACLU, the case in which the U.S. Supreme Court declared the Communications Decency Act unconstitutional

Copyright and Fair Use  by Stanford University Libraries

Cyberspace Law Center  by FindLaw: Internet Legal Resources

U.S. Copyright Office  The Library of Congress, including copyright registration forms

Digital Watermarking  Explanation of programs/plug-ins which protect graphic, video and audio files online, along with links to articles and companies which produce the software


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