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"Thinking In Deep Blue"


"Blind Man Gathering Stones"

"Of Wax and Wings"


"Winds Of Limbo"

Lacrimae Rerum (
"tears for things")

This series refers to the human condition and the nature of existence. For those who live the "examined life," many problems of being arise. We cannot reconcile the dualities of life and death, suffering and bliss, our finite lives and our infinite longings. These opposing tensions play a central role in this series as well as much of my other work.

When I draw from literary themes (as in Of Wax and Wings) my intentions are not so much illustrative as they are evocative of moods and contemplation.

The pervading thought in this continuing series is the transcendence of the human spirit over physical limitations and adversity.

Artists I have researched for this series include:

Rico Lebrun, Leonard Baskin, Mauricio Lasansky, Picasso, Kathe Kollwitz, Graham Sutherland, and Francis Bacon.