I am convinced that drawing is the fundamental activity for artists working in any media. This is a selection of images of drawings---mostly from earlier days in my artistic pursuit. The subject matter includes the figure, still life, and a touch of the surreal.

A few stabs at self portraiture. Unfortunately the fixed concentration results in a rather stern looking expression ... but the model comes cheap.

"Self Portrait I"

"Self Portrait II"


The figure is a never-ending source of expression. Regardless of my focus of the moment---abstract or representational---I will always be committed to studying the figure.

"Anatomical Study I"


"Anatomical Study II"


"Anatomical Study III"

"Bust of Seneca" 


"Figure after G. Bridgeman"



"Animal Skulls" 

Copying the masters is a time-honored method of learning to draw. Here are some portrait studies I have done toward that end.

"Portait Study I"

"Portait Study II"

"Portait Study III"

 "Head of Christ"

Still life images can be something of self portraits, too. Why does the artist use certain objects? Drawing from a still life is a great way to hone one's skills as well a make a statement using objects that have some personal meaning. The themes below include magic, music, and memories (of my first drawing class).

"Cups and Balls Study I"

"Cups and Balls Study II"

"This Old Guitar"

"Still Life With Kettle"

I love to explore various media and techniques. But these are only means to an end. I am constantly seeking out how I can use methods in the service of content---sometimes serious, sometimes not.

"Texture of Philosophy"

"Lo Dice - Hi Rent"