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The Gates of Charleston Collection

"St. John's Church Gate" and detail

Along with the paper cut gate, the Chruch's white pillars are cut from one-ply bristol board to anchor the gates. Framed Size:  16" x 15" frame is black metal. Price: $485.


"St. Philip's Church Gate" and detail

A double gate, very intricate scroll work throughout the gate. Considered one of Charleston's finest gates, it was built in 1835. Framed Size:  14" x 16" black carved wood frame with muted shadings of gray to highlight the carvings. Price: $650.00



"The Sword Gate" and detail

This gate is in front of the home at 32 Legare St. The design has 2 swords and 2 spears. Considered one of Charleston's finest gates. Framed Size:  12" x 16" black metal frame. Price:  $385.

"College of Charleston Library Gate" and detail

The College of Charleston, located in the heart of Charleston's historic district, has many beautiful and historic gates on its campus. This one is located next to the "old library", off Calhoun Street. Framed Size: 14" x 16" framed in a black metal. Price:  $650.00

"99-101 East Bay Street Gate" and detail

One of the most graceful single gates, this one is located off the Battery, at 99-101 East Bay Street. Framed Size: 10" x 13" framed in a black metal frame. Price:  $215.00

Other gates from Charleston that are available from time to time include: St. Michael's Church Gate, The Hibernian Hall Gate, Washington Square Park Gate, The Dock Street Theatre Gate, Edmondston-Alston House Gate, 1 Price's Alley Gate, and several gates from the campus of the College of Charleston.

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