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"Fancy Cat"

This original scissor cutting has flowers that have 2 added layers of cut petals, to create a very dimensional effect. One petal is cut from colored paper to create a focal point. Various cutting techniques are used to create the detailed fur texture. Framed size:  20" x 16" Price:  $685.


"Love Knot II"

Black silhouette paper with layering. 3 levels of cut paper create each flower - the 2nd layer is gold foil; the 3rd layer is cut black paper stamen. All are raised to create a dimensional effect. Ink calligraphy. Framed size: 16"x16" Price:  $1200


"American Sampler"

Intricate Swiss-style border; dimensional folded paper star medallion.  

Framed size:  16" x 16"


Price:  $850.

All prices subject to change

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