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Underlayer of color around border and top dots of red paint detail. Framed size: 16"x16" Price:  $950


"Trees with Cardinals"

Layered papercutting; cardinals colored with pencil. Framed size:  7 trees - 12"x 24"

                     5 trees - 10" X 15"

                     1 tree - 10"x10"


Price:  $750 (7 trees)

           $485 (5 trees)

           $185-250 (1 tree)



"Reflection Woodland"

One of my Collector Edition pictures. This award winning cutting has an underlayer of colored paper. Framed Size:  16" x 16" Price:  SOLD - orders taken for similar design or with low country theme ($750)

All prices subject to change.




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