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The Scissor-Cutting Art of Marie-Helene L. Grabman

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Welcome to the Web Page of my Award Winning Paper Cuttings

My artwork has been described as "traditional Swiss-German scherenschnitte (scissor cuttings) with elements of silhouettes or collage".  Each "museum quality", original, copyrighted paper cut design is hand cut with European scissors.   Many of the scherenschnitte cuttings, have full or partial symmetry in their composition. (Click on each thumbnail to get details, size and price information.) This is achieved by folding the paper as it is cut.  The "collage" element in my work comes into play after the scissor cutting is complete.  The intricate scherenschnitte, one piece of paper, forms the base for the collage.  Sometimes I add 2 or 3 more layers of cut paper to this base.  Other times, I use ink or acrylic paint to add more detail.

I cut some designs in the traditional silhouette tradition, meaning there is no symmetry as with scherenschnitte.

I cut portrait silhouettes from photographs or from scheduled sittings, at festivals and occasionally as entertainment at parties.  I generally only travel in the South Carolina/Northern Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC area for party events. Please email or call me to discuss details.

Did you know...

NOTE:  This web site is designed primarily for those who have already viewed my work. The pictures in the Galleries are not photographed in high resolution on purpose. I have found my copyrighted work on other sites and printed on t-shirts. Therefore, if you wish to contact me, I will be happy to send you more detailed images.  Please keep in mind that in this medium, it is difficult to accurately convey the intricacy and detail as well as the dimensional quality of my work.  I hope you can visit me at one of the EXHIBITIONS where I exhibit, so you can study the work "up close".

    Thank you for visiting my "Virtual Studio!"

Marie-Helene Grabman   


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