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This is a partial list, please remember to come back and refresh your page. We are always updating the list.  Also look at the Mitchell County Chamber of Commerce or TRAC

Barbara Kahn Fine Arts - Holistic Healing through Arts and Crafts. Presenting the artwork of Barbara Kahn.

RITTER GLASS STUDIO - the studio of glass artist Richard Ritter.  975 Young Cove Road, Bakersville, North Carolina 28705.  Studio open to visitors by appointment only.  Phone 828-688-4437. richard@ritterglass.com

TWO TREES POTTERY- Work by artist Joe Comeau in pottery, and ceramics, also with private art classes.  Located in downtown Bakersville on Mitchell Avenue. 10-5 pm Tuesday through Saturday. 688-9139. twotreespottery@hotmail.com

GUERARD STUDIOS- Work by Judson Guerard in Hot Glass and Sally Guerard in Fiber Sculpture along with works by other fine local artists.  5 Richmond Road, Bakersville, NC 28705 828-688-2149

LOCAL COLOR WEAVING- Textiles & Baskets - Mitchell Avenue at Crimson Laurel Way, Bakersville, NC 28705 828-688-3186

SEDBERRY POTTERY  GALLERY AND STUDIO - Box 47, Mine Creek Road, Bakersville, NC 28705 828-688-3386  sedberry@mitchell.main.nc.us

PENLAND GALLERY - Work by craft artists associated with Penland. Open Tue-Sat 10 am-12 noon and 1-4:30 pm, Sun 12 noon-4:30pm. Tours of the school for individuals or small groups May through Oct on Tues 10:30 and Thur at 1:30. Call for reservations at 828-765-6211, Penland School Road, Penland, NC.

CYNTHIA BRINGLE'S GALLERY - Penland School Road, Penland, NC 28765   828-765-0240

TAYLOR AND LIVELY GALLERY AND FRAME SHOP - Features local and regional artists in jewelry, pottery, blown glass, paintings, wood sculpture, weaving 109 Balsam Ave, Spruce Pine. Hours: 10 to 6 Monday through Friday, and 10 to 4 on Saturday. Closed Sunday. 765-8755.

JOSLIN REFLECTIONS  Professional & Nature photographer,  Mitchell county.   Published  "Our Living Heritage", and  "Appalachian Bounty, Nature's Gifts from the Mountains" pjoslin@mitchell.main.nc.us

MOUNTAIN HILL COUNTRY GALLERY - Murdock Farm- Folk art of tradition. Follow 80 North to the country studio at Kona of Dan and Pat Murdock Dowd. The site of Francis and Charles Silver home. PO Box 105 Bakersville, NC 28705 828-688-4341

TWISTED LAUREL GALLERY -  Gallery open 10am-5pm Tuesday - Saturday. Gallery located 333 Locust Ave. (Lower St) Spruce Pine, 828-765-1532.

PINE CROSSINGS - Local arts and crafts, pottery, baskets, prints, wooden items, antique. Hwy 226, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Hours: Tue - Sat 10-5 , closed Sun and Mon,  Spruce Pine 28777 828-765-8400.

TRILLIUM GALLERY - Open 7 day from 9:30 am-5:00 pm. Features local artists in glass pottery, and fine arts. Located off the Blue Ridge Parkway across form the Switzerland Inn, 828-765-0024.

MAYLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE HALL GALLERY - Monthly exhibits. Open Monday through Friday. 765-7351 or1-800-462-9526.

HAYDEN GALLERY - Exhibit display each month. Gallery features the work of over 200 area and regional artists. Gallery located 7 S Main St., Burnsville, hours open 10 am-5pm, Mon-Sat, 828-682-7998.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE KALEIDOSCOPES - Featuring hand-crafted and uniquely designed kaleidoscopes with finishes of wood, brass, hand-marbled paper, hand-made paper, verdigris,  and postage stamp collages.  By appointment only.  Alice Houser, 835 Pond Road, Spruce Pine. 828-765-0362

MICAVILLE STORE & GALLERY - Hours Open: Mon-Sat 10 am-5 pm. Located in downtown Micaville. Features stained glass, pottery, antiques, crafts, etc. 828-675-5038.

TOE RIVER CRAFTS - Jul-Aug-Sep- Open daily Tue-Sat 10-5 pm, Sun 12 noon-5pm. Cooperative shop featuring clay, wood, textiles, fibers, glass, paper, metals, toys, photography, printmaking, watercolor, and needle work. Located 7 mi S of Micaville on Highway 80S, 675-4555.

POTTERS OF THE ROAN - a guild of professional potters living and working in the Bakersville area of the mountains of Western North Carolina.  E-mail pottersoftheroan@hotmail.com

BLUE MOON BOOKS - New books, used books, newspapers - New York Times, The Charlotte Observer, The Washington Post, The Atlanta Constitution, book signing, poetry readings, workshops, local artwork, music, coffee shop, and more.  Located at 309 Oak Avenue, Spruce Pine. Hours: 10-6Mon - Sat and Sun 1 to 5 pm. Phone: 828-766-5000

ON-GOING ARTIST WAY CLASSES at Laughing Heart Lodge. "Awaken the Writer" class at Blue Moon Books in Spruce Pine, NC. For information about a gallery appointment or classes contact Barbara Lange at Laughing Heart Lodge, PO Box 1312, Burnsville NC or call her at 828-682-4684.  blange@yancey.main.nc.us
PINE ROOT POTTERY - Wheel thrown, wood fired  pottery by Mark Peters.  Pine Root Pottery, 1108 Pine Root Branch Road  Bakersville, North Carolina 28705,  Mark & Erin Peters  828-688-1332. 

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