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Mitchell County  was formed in 1861 from Yancey, Watauga,  Caldwell,  Burke and McDowell counties. It was named in honor of Dr. Elisha Mitchell,  a professor at the University of North Carolina. While on an exploring expedition of Mt. Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, Dr. Mitchell fell and was killed. He was buried on the top of this lofty mountain. It is in the western section of the State and is bounded by the state of Tennessee and Avery, McDowell and Yancey counties. The present land area is 220.23 square miles and the 1990 population was 14,433. The first court was ordered to be held at Eben Child's.  Commissioners were named to acquire the land, establish a town by the name of Calhoun, and erect a courthouse in Calhoun. They maintained it was inconvenient to three-fourths of the citizens. They said the matter should, therefore, be referred to the Assembly. In 1862 an act was passed authorizing the people to decide by ballot for Calhoun, or for Davis as the county seat. In 1863 an act was passed which stipulated that the county seat should be located at the geographical center of the county by actual survey and measurements. In 1863 the justices met and unanimously agreed that Norman's Hill should be selected as the county seat. From 1861-1866 commissioners were appointed to acquire the land and lay out a town. At the regular September term, 1866, held at Davis, the commissioners reported that they had acquired 29 acres of land and sold the lots. In 1868 the county seat was changed from Davis to Bakersville.  Bakersville was incorporated in 1870 and is the county seat.

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