A Town called Franklin, NC


Franklin is located along the Little Tennessee River, in the central part of Macon
County North Carolina. The site for Franklin was chosen in 1820 by a survey party lead by Capt. Robert Love and was named for Jesse Franklin a Well known North Carolina statesman and one of the commissioners assigned to organizing the new territory (The Cherokee called it "Nikwasi" meaning "The Center")

The elevation of Franklin is about 2000'. and the population is about 3000.
Franklin has a beautiful panorama view of the Smoky Mountains with their magnificent majestic splendor. The nearby Nantahala National Forest offers views that will remain with you always. Nantahala is another Cherokee name that means "Land of the noonday sun". This accompanied by an average winter temperature of around 35.6 degrees. The average summer temperatures are a comfortable 77 °. With all the glamour of a mountain town, it is a nice warm and friendly place to shop, tour all the craft shows. All with a country flavor and there are many historical sites to visit.

As the Cherokee said "nikwasi" the center. Franklin is just a short drive
(less than an hour) from The Cherokee Reservation and Casinos, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. For those that like sports of all kinds or recreational opportunities, from water-skiing to snow skiing and from hiking to biking it's all here or nearby.

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