Lake James Environmental Association

Lake James Environmental Association was established in 1973 in order to:

protect, foster, and enhance the environment and the ecology of Lake James and its tributary waters in western North Carolina.

engage in any and all types of activities not prohibited by law which shall be for the betterment of the Lake James Community and the State of North Carolina

For the past three decades, we have served as the voice of citizens interested in preserving and protecting Lake James. We are an environmental community working to defend Lake James and its watershed from the pressure of urbanization and commercial development. The major threats to the lake are ever increasing levels of nutrient inflows and shoreline disturbing activities. As such, they become the major focus of our environmentally based activity.

In response to increasing lakefront development and wastewater disposal issues, the Lake James Environmental association has established and funded an academic grant to the University of North Carolina in Asheville Environmental Quality Institute (EQI) to conduct long term research on the quality of stream water entering Lake James and on the water quality of the lake itself. The research program will assess and quantify the relative contribution of pollutants and sediment sources. In support of the research program, we have established the citizen based Lake James Volunteer Water Information Network to collect and distribute the lake and stream water samples needed by the EQI for their analysis. With those two actions, Lake James now joins the UNC-A VWIN family of volunteers that take monthly water samples at over 190 sites in 10 counties in western North Carolina.

Lake James Threatened by Introduced Aquatic Weed Hydrilla

Report violations of the NC Sedimentation Pollution Control Act.

View current Lake James VWIN test data

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