Family Resource Center

Jackson County
Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 250
Street Address: 1528 Webster Road ( Old Webster School)
Webster NC 28788

Phone: (828) 586-2845
FAX: (828) 586-4039


To build stronger individuals, families, and communities, thru advocacy, empowerment , education and a respect for self and others. We hope to:

Who can use the Center?

Absolutely anyone in Jackson County.

What does the Center have to Offer?

A safe, customer-focussed place where individuals of all "shapes and sizes" can come to learn about and access a variety of family support and enrichment resources which may be provided through information, referral, on-site activities, or home-based stra tegies. Some of the specific resources and services we hope to provide include:

Special Services

In some cases child care services and transportation assistance may be available for participants while involved in activities at the Center.

Special Projects

The Jackson County Line

This is an automated PHONEMASTER information and referral system for the County and is a project of the Jackson County Family Resource Center made possible by gifts from Jackson Paper Company, Smart Start and the Family Preservation/Family Support Grant. Jackson County Line is housed at WRGC radio station, and is accessed by calling 631-LINE {631-5463} extension 1761.

Jackson Family Literacy Project

Still in the start-up phases,the Jackson County Family Literacy Project seeks to develop and provide family-centered education activities and services to help parents become full partners in the education of their children, to assist childern in reaching their full potential as leaners, and to provide literacy training and parent education for their parents.

Jackson County Community Volunteer Network

This is a grass-roots, community-based initiative sponsored by the Family Resource Center. The vision for this initiative is to encourage and promote volunteerism and service learning through the establishment of a network designed to meet the diverse an d ever changing needs of Jackson County residents, enrich the lives of volunteers through meaningful service, and increase the capacity of local organizations to involve volunteers.

Sponsoring Agencies/Organizations

Jackson County Government, Family Preservation/Family Support, Smart Start, Jackson County United Way, North Carolina Community Foundation, Southeastern Child Development Commision, and many others.

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