Angels of Light Fellowship is no longer active. The Fellowship leaves us with a strong focus that each of us has intuitions, inner wisdom, and dream experiences that assist us in all our life activities. These come from subtle aspects of our beings. Some people call these aspects 'whispers'. It is possible to improve on our ability to get clearer whispers.

Al Bouchard, a founder of the Fellowship, received Whispers over the years which he recorded and is available to others in the Whisper e-book. Click here for a copy of the Whisper e-book.

Dreams are one way to improve our ability to receive clear inner wisdom. When asleep, the body is only minimally active. The mind is still. We enter a world different from our waking experiences. We can be anywhere in an instant. We pass through objects with ease. There is no time sense. We are in an altered state when dreaming.

Often times when we are awake, we can drift into a similar altered state. These are times when our intuition provides us with clues for the next steps in our life development. Meditation is a practice that enhances our ability to be in a waking dream state. Fill in your name and email address in the form to the right to receive weekly copies of thirteen Meditation Lessons to assist you to access your intuitions more easily.

Hypnosis, and specifically self-hypnosis is also an excellent way to get in touch with one's intuition, inner awareness.

A very experienced practitioner and coach, Jeff Stephens can teach ANYONE to drop people into a trance, even in the middle of a busy shopping mall. In fact, you can see clips of some of his students doing exactly that on the web page below.

Click here to visit Jeffrey Stephens Hypnosis Workshop web page with video clips.

Take a look and see what you think. If you'd like to learn more from Jeff, you can register to get a bunch of free videos from him on that same page. No cost and no obligation.

LOVE YOURSELF ALWAYS! Love is the cornerstone of your being.