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Star Trek (2009)
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Star Trek (2009)


Director: J. J. Abrams
Actors: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Eric Bana, Anton Yelchin, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Leonard Nimoy, Bruce Greenwood, Ben Cross, Winona Ryder
Rating: PG-13

There have been a few screen myths that have successfully move from the 20th Century into today’s world, notably characters like James Bond, or the crew of Star Trek, and recently Jason Bourne, but not that many--and from my viewpoint, Bond is now in doubt--but watching "Star Trek" (2009) has restored my spirits and given me hope that a new series is out there waiting to charm us all. J. J. Abrams is to be saluted for providing me with the best movie of 2009--and it’s already May.

The moment you beam onto this flick and hear the lines of dialogue hailing from the young Kirk wandering the flats of Iowa in his father’s car, comments such as “It’s not the Iowa I know,” or “Genius level repeat offender in the Midwest,” you know that the first batch of Kudos goes to screenwriters, Abrams and Damon Lindelof. They have crafted a tale that moves a bit slower than warp-speed but fast enough that interested never flags and at the end, you wish you could see it all over again.

And when the cocky Kirk (wonderfully cast, like all the young versions of our Trek heroes) says: “Maximum warp--punch it!” it now only applies to the enterprise crew but to everybody in the theatre. Wait until you meet the young Spock or Ohura or Bones or Scotty and marvel at the casting and, usually lacking in sci-fi pix, the acting. Even the special effects have an individual stamp to their look.

Then you realize it’s all been done for a PG-13 rating, but with plenty of suspense and plenty of drama and plenty of pizzazz! I can hardly wait for the sequel.