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Home / Film Reviews / Entrapment



Director: Jon Amiel
Actors: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones,
Rating: Imagine giving a caper film that stars Sean Connery only two stars. Such is the case with "Entrapment," the story of two thieves, one in her late 20s and the other in his late 60s--although the story says he's only 60. However you slice it the lady in question is stunning but spends years developing a computer program to move money from bank to bank then to her accounts and the
gentleman is a top-drawer art thief, who lives splendidly in a castle, surrounded by some of the great art of this century, but refuses to retire and just enjoy his ill-gotten gains.

Connery is Robert 'Mac" Macdougal, whose home is literally his castle, and he's being wooed by Catherine Zeta-Jones as Virginia "Gin" Baker, an absolutely ravishing insurance investigator, who in real life if she cut such a swath, would be, by the age of 25, not only married to the chairman of the board but also running for congress or with a syndicated talk show of her own.

Production notes for the film refer to the ensuing romantic adventure as "an electric pas de deux of wariness and attraction," including "a daring plan for a multibillion-dollar heist tied to the dawn of a new millennium." When you read that kind of prose, be warned that as movie plots go, this one went some time ago.

We watch a complicated heist plot unfold that includes dancing your way around laser beams in order to steal a very valuable Chinese mask, but this is only the beginning of a plot to enter the twin towers of an international bank in Malaysia as the clock ticks and the fireworks explode to welcome the new millennium. As directed by Jon Amiel, once past the heist sequences, the
movies moves along with the pacing of the year 1,000, certainly not 2.