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"The Search for Truth and Honesty in a Post-Modern World" by Walter Truett Anderson, political scientist and author of "Reality Isn't What it Used to Be." "A Conversation with CML's Wally Bowen" March, 1993. Public Radio Interview
"The Big Chill: Using Lawsuits to Intimidate Citizen Activists" by Penelope Canan, University of Denver Sociologist and co-director of the Political Litigation Project. "The Season of the Witch: Symbolism, Censorship, and Sin - Reflections on the First Amendment" by Andrei Codrescu, poet and NPR commentator.
"TV: The World's Greatest Storyteller" by George Gerbner, dean emeritus of the Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania and founder of the Cultural Environment Movement. "Getting a Grip on TV Culture" by Renee Hobbs, Harvard media Education Institute.
"Distortion, Distraction, and Democracy" by Kathleen Hall Jamieson, dean of the Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania. "What Citizens Need to Know About the First Amendment" by Jane Kirtley of the Reporter's Committee for Freedom of the Press.
"The Pacification of the American Public" by Jackson Lears, Rutgers University historian and author of "Fables of Abundance: A Cultural history of Advertising in America." "Secrets: How Government Keeps the Public from Knowing How Its Money is Spent" by Angus Mackenzie, investigative reporter and freedom of information lecturer (deceased).
"The Age of Missing Information" by Bill McKibben, author of "The End of Nature" and "The Age of Missing Information." "Commercialism and the Public Mind: Channel One, TV, and the Movies" by Mark Crispin Miller, Johns Hopkins University and author of "Boxed In: The Culture of TV."
"High-Tech Campaigns: Blindsiding the American Media" by Gary Selnow, San Francisco State University. "Voices of a Nation: Citizen Free Speech, Past, Present, Future" by Dwight Teeter, press historian and dean of the University of Tennessee School of Journalism.


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