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Message started by Barbara on 10/16/06 at 10:43am

Title: Kitten
Post by Barbara on 10/16/06 at 10:43am
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A week ago, a little black kitten turned up in our backyard.  My daughter, who is very sensitive to animals, made a home for it in our basement.  It is a beautiful little kitten, we think a male, and we think abandoned since it is very affectionate and uses a litter box.  We cannot keep it since I am very allergic and have been sick since it arrived.  I am unwilling to take it to the "Humane" society as the chances are good it will be euthanized.  I have emailed Animal Compassion Network and am still waiting to hear from them.  If any one is looking for a kitten, or knows someone who is, this kitten would make a wonderful pet.

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