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Message started by star on 04/26/04 at 11:15am

Title: 19" Color monitor
Post by star on 04/26/04 at 11:15am
I have a 17" color monitor to give away. It still works fine. I work with photos all the time and the color on the monitor has started to become slightly dark and saturated. I learned to work around it but finally decided to get a new one. If you can use my monitor I'll rejoice.
Call me at 828-682-7331.

Title: Re: 19" Color monitor
Post by Paul on 06/04/04 at 12:31pm
I'm a reporter with the Asheville Citizen-Times doing a story on Internet barter systems in WNC and why they're so cool (help reduce waste, connect the community, etc). I've scheduled the story to run June 11, so my deadline is June 8.

Can I interview you?

If so, call me at 232-5854 or email at

Thanks, Paul Clark

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