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21 Sep 2013

National Climatic Data Center at the Federal Building
Meet at 33 Coxe Ave. at 5:30pm

WE'RE DRAWING A LINE IN ASHEVILLE BY GATHERING AT THE NATIONAL CLIMATIC DATA CENTER TO DEMAND THAT PRESIDENT OBAMA LISTEN TO HIS SCIENTISTS. Their message is clear: further loading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide from massive new fossil fuel projects like the Alberta tar sands will wreck the world's climate and spell disaster for America. OUR DEMAND FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA: DRAW A LINE THROUGH PLANS FOR THE KEYSTONE XL--PERMANENTLY.

WE'LL GATHER AT THE POST OFFICE AT 33 COXE AVE. AT 5:30PM (but don't park in their parking lot--you'll be towed). We'll walk together to the Federal Building on Patton to show our support for the men and women of the NCDC. Bring a sign, put on a button, wear a smile--we're not protesting the NCDC, but rather sending a strong message to our President. Help us hoist the mother of all banners and let President Obama know that western NC expects climate action NOW beginning with the end of the KXL.

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