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The Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees

22 May 2013

Join us Wednesday May 22nd for an Asheville Green Drinks presentation on the Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees.

GE Eucalyptus TreesThomas Clever Llewellyn will share a powerpoint presentation about the threat of genetically engineered trees and the work of the Campaign to Stop Genetically Engineered (GE) Trees to protect native ecosystems. This event is happening less than one week before the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference begins in Asheville, an international conference with a focus on furthering the industry of genetically engineered trees.

There are proposals for millions of acres of GE trees to be installed throughout the South with the purpose of supplying wood to bioenergy plants to burn for electricity, as well as to the unsustainable paper and lumber industries. These trees would be engineered to produce their own pesticides, grow straighter and faster, tolerate manufactured pesticides, produce sterile seeds, and reduce lignin content (this is what makes the wood in a tree strong enough to stand up). If these traits escaped into native tree populations, the effects would be devastating and irreversible.

The USDA is already considering approving an industry request to sell billions of genetically engineered freeze tolerant eucalyptus trees. These non-native, invasive and flammable trees pose an unprecedented threat to the forests and communities of the Southern US.

The issue of GE trees will literally hit home for Ashevillians at the end of May, when the Tree Biotechnology 2013 Conference takes place in Asheville, NC. This conference is a gathering of many of the major players in the genetically engineered tree business.

The Campaign to Stop GE Trees is mobilizing events and protests in Asheville during the Tree Biotechnology conference, calling for a ban on the release of GE trees into the environment. To get involved in these events or to support the campaign to stop GE eucalyptus trees visit or

Bioengineered EucalyptusThe Campaign to Stop Genetically Engineered Trees is an international campaign with the goal to work with forest dependent communities to protect native forests from the uncontrollable and irreversible threats posed by the release of genetically engineered trees(GE trees or GM trees) into the environment.

Thomas Clever Llewellyn is a Founder and Coordinator of the REAL Cooperative (Regenerative Education Action and Leadership), a collaborative project of Activists and Educators working to advise new organizers, educate in creative ways, coordinate and collaborate on actions, tours and events for advancing regenerative initiatives and stopping environmental destruction.

For the last two years he has focused most of his time educating and organizing about GMOs and the need for labeling and long term testing and has recently joined the Campaign to Stop GE Trees.

Thomas co-led the Sustainable Living Roadshow from 2008-2012 and coordinated many events, both large and small, from coast to coast and currently resides in Asheville, NC.

We hope to see you Wednesday and join us in the fight to stop the propagation of GE Trees!

Time: Program 6 PM (Community Connections 5:30)

Location: Olive or Twist Restaurant and Bar 81 Broadway Street Asheville, NC 28801