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Crop Circles . . . Gateways to our Evolution?

13 Apr 2013

Join Us for a Day of Exploring Crop Circles

For centuries these formations have been appearing around the world, becoming more intricate and astonishing with each passing year.

Encoded with powerful geometry, a universal language, these mysterious numerical patterns spark a higher consciousness in people exposed to them.

What is their purpose? What are these brilliant works of art communication?

Experience the beauty and wisdom of the most gorgeous artwork and mysterious phenomenon occurring on our planet today. Highlights of the day:

• Background and History of the Crop Circle Phenomenon
• 2012 Formations and Personal Experiences
• Playing with Crop Circle Geometry and Creating Personal Artwork
• Circle Meditation and Contemplation
• Potluck lunch (please bring your favorite healthy dish)

April 13th,2013
10am- 6pm
Laughing Waters Retreat Center
Suggested donation: $20.00
Presenters: Jineen Cronin, John Myers, and Elizabeth Rosson

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