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Playback at the TED x Show

4 Nov 2012

Ancient Practices for the Present Moment

Date: Sunday, November 4th
Time: ~2p
Location: Diana Wortham Theater, 2 North Pack Square, Asheville, NC, 28801
What: Improvisational Theater based-on audience members' personal stories.
Price: $47 (for the day)

Contact: Daniel-- 828-253-6287

At a playback show you encounter real life, rather than a scripted production. The actors and musicians improvise, guided and inspired by true life/ personal stories provided by the audience. Our idea worth spreading is about using "Ancient Practices for the Present Moment" and we will offer the TEDx audience a chance to hear & watch a playback of offerings & stories drawn out of them. We intend to elicit a sense of the deep value of sharing our stories, openly, with each other in a context of collective acknowledgement and appreciation.