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Club By Laws


1. To unite, promote and encourage metal detecting.
2. To preserve the hobby/sport of metal detecting.
3. To encourage members to work responsibly within the detectors code of conduct.
4. To facilitate a spirit of co-operation between museums, archaeologists, hostorical research societies and other fellow detectorists, with the aim of opening up a wider range of activities for members.


1. Held on the fourth Friday of each month (No meeting in Dec) at the west Asheville community center.
2. For a vote to be taken on a motion that has been brought before the meeting group will require that only MEMBERS vote.
3. Only one vote per member.
4. All officers have the right to vote.
5. Voting shall be a show of hands.


1. There must be at least two officers and half of the membership present to vote on a major subject.


1. Rules may be changed, added to or deleted at any time upon recommendation of the officers and subject to being approved by a majority vote.


1. Dues will be required from each member before they take part in any club activities.
2. The amount of dues may be altered at any time upon the recommendation of the officers and a majority vote.
3. Dues entitle the payee to vote at the meetings and particiapte in any club activities.
4. Payment of the dues ($25.00 per person) will be due no later than the February meeting on current members Family (2) $35.00


1. A member may be expelled for bring the club or the hobby into disrepute, for breach of club rules, or any act considered to be not in the interest of the body of the membership.
2. A member under threat of expulsion must be given notice of the nature of the complaint, and the right to reply to the officers. Who then will consider the case before making a recommendation. Then a vote would be taken.


1. The contest runs from Jan. to June then July to Nov.
2. Each entry is $2.00. The winner of the contest that night gets 1/2 of the dollar entrees for the night.
3. You may enter one item per category. They are coin, jewelry, relic, and misc. (Relic category is for military finds only).
4. Your entry must have been found since the last meeting that you attended, and MUST be found while using a metal detector.
5. Each entry awards you points that accumulate for the end of the contest prizes. You get points even if you do not win the money. 2 points per entry, 3 extra points if you are the nights winner. You can also earn points by bringing a visitor. 2 if they just visit and 1 more if they join the club.
6. Contest prizes are awarded at the June and Nov. Meetings.


1. By Laws shall be binding upon members of the Blue Ridge Metal Dectectors Club until revised.

**** Remember you get 2 points per entry and you don't have to be the big winner to come out ahead at the end of the contest. Just be consistent with your entries and the points will add up.