Mapping Broadband in Western North Carolina

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Test Your Broadband Speed

If you can't get broadband at your home or business, please select the “No Broadband” button in the form below. You must include your street address so that we can plot your location, which will appear as a BLACK dot on the 16-county map.

If you do have broadband, please follow these steps to run the Speed Test:

Click BEGIN TEST to start.

The test will first measure your DOWNLOAD speed (recording it in the top left corner of the speed-test window).

The test will then measure your UPLOAD speed (recording it in the top right corner of the speed-test window).

Please note your Speed Test results and record them in the form to the right. Please include the street address for the location where the test was conducted so that we can plot the results on “Mapping Broadband in WNC.”

PRIVACY STATEMENT: By participating in this Speed Test, you are agreeing that the Mountain Area Information Network (MAIN) may use your information to analyze and map broadband availability in Western North Carolina. At no time will your personal information be shared with commercial entities in keeping with MAIN's long-standing privacy policy. Moreover, when mapping your Speed Test results, MAIN will not publicly display your name and street addresss. Your Speed Test results – minus your name and address – may be compiled and shared with relevant agencies, such as the Federal Communications Commission, as part of MAIN's public-interest broadband advocacy work.

Please share your stories about broadband access in Western North Carolina, or ask questions of our experts, via our Tell Your Story page. Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Submit Your Results

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