Mountain Area Information Network

As a nonprofit community network, MAIN relies on the support of its subscribers and friends to help spread the word that WNC has an alternative to the giant corporate Internet service providers. Here is just a sampling of reasons why some of our subscribers have chosen to support MAIN:

Yancey Update

When I read yesterday's email from you mentioning the "suggesting that subscribers to MAIN "switch" to another Internet service provider", I was disheartened to say the least.

Back in May 2000, you helped me get set up with my MAIN account. At that time I had only recently become disabled and without income to afford access to the Internet. Had it not been for you and MAIN, offering to make provisions for me to regular access yet at a reduced rate, there was absolutely no means possible for me to even get & receive email.

With my extremely limited resources, MAIN is, even to this day, STILL the only means I have of accessing the Internet. I have no knowledge of ANY other Internet Service Provider in our area that is able, or even willing for that matter, to offer such gracious assistance to those of us out here that are less fortunate. Many of us have "fallen through the cracks" and are directly outside the parameters of assistance in many cases.

MAIN, however, has ALWAYS provided me reduced rate Internet access each and every month since May of 2000; that's 94 months!

If it weren't for MAIN providing Yancey County with Internet Service, people such as I would become "Street People" with no place to reside on the Internet.

Wally, please be assured of my profound appreciation for the provisions you've made for me. I know I'm not the only one you and MAIN have helped here in Yancey County, and I also know if it weren't for MAIN they would be left out in the cold too.

Thanks for what you do!


Randy J Hazelton
Burnsville, NC

Your reliable route to the Internet

I bought my computer in 2000 and MAIN has been my ISP from that time; I love the price, I love the wonderful response I get from the volunteers when I have had any issues, I love the links to informative/realistic sites, I love the fact MAIN is such a support for western NC; I have moved within 3 counties since I joined MAIN and it has always been simple to switch; I could have switched to a more well known corporate ISP but why would I! MAIN is sensational! Thank you for being there for me and all the other users!

Jennye Johnson
Buncombe Co.

MAIN is the only server we have ever used from the beginning of our Computer world. The only thing we had knowledge of with the computer was the keyboard.

From there we entered the PC/Internet world. All the friendly smiles I could hear over the phone when I was totally confused and ready to quit, kept me trying. I have never been disappointed in the service with MAIN; it's great when I get a notice 'service may be interrupted for upgrades, maintenance, or whatever', I have time to get business done.

Our 'log on speed' is amazing to our son who lives in Ohio in the fast lane. I enjoy the helpful tips, the feeling of having a trusted friend to help when I feel vulnerable and stupid, no pop-ups and commercials to deal with when I am already just trying to figure it out, and ALL THE INFO ON THE 'MAIN HOMEPAGE' is great.

We have watched you grow, and you are doing a tremendous job. I am still learning how to surf and transfer and the language to join the 21st century, I feel safe with MAIN as my guide. THANKS TO ALL THE FRIENDLY VOICES FOR ALL THE PATIENCE AND KINDNESS YOU HAVE SHOWN US.

Larry and LouJuana Carter,
Madison Co.

Just wanted to say thanks for making it easy for those of us who are not financially well-off to be able to use the internet at such low costs. This has opened new worlds for me.

Keep up the good work.

Frances Stoddard
McDowell County

Local access to the global Internet

This is my first year as a subscriber to MAIN (I started last January). I had belonged to one of the big national services and had received a virus that cost me well over $200 to get cleared up. I then went to another national server and the help I did not receive when I needed it was the means of causing me to immediately withdraw. As a result I was sans e-mail and felt kind of lost. Then a friend gave me the suggestion of subscribing to MAIN.

I have always been a supporter of patronizing local business over that of large chains and/or monpolies so I took his advice. As a result, my e-mail life has resumed, I have received most excellent assistance - AND WHEN I NEEDED IT! This old man is pretty much confined to home because of his age and the poor health of his wife so e-mail proves to be a very interesting part of extending life beyond the four walls of home. Together with "Ham" Radio, it and MAIN are practically all my life with addition of a little church activity. I truly appreciate MAIN.

Headlee Howard
Buncombe County

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy the links on the MAIN homepage under Community and Network News. I read them every day. My browser is set to MAIN as my homepage, and I urge my friends to do the same.

And it was fun to get a glimpse of [MAIN] in OutFoxed.

Jon Ellenbogen
Mitchell County

Breaking down barriers

Hello, I just wanted to thank MAIN for the wonderful service and afforable prices. Without this service I would not be able to have the Internet. I tried AOL but the price and service they quoted me was too high for the service I would be receiving.

I'm waiting on disability to be approved so I'm on a very fixed income. MAIN was there and understood my situration and was very fast and informative on what would work best for me. I was up and running in no time.

Thank You MAIN for understanding!

(friends for life) Cindy
Buncombe County

Now I can read, now I can write. Now I can go to the library whenever I want to. Now I can write the software that will control this and other Unix machines. It is great. I can do the things the sighted world takes for granted. With my nearly flawless service from MAIN and with the help of the wonderful members of the WNCLUG or Western North Carolina Linux Users' Group, I am able to do things which will allow me to realize my dream of being a computer scientist specializing in the development of software.

MAIN has been instrumental in this. I would recommend their service, which is paid for on a sliding scale based on income, to anyone. I really appreciate how this organization has made it possible for a blind person to do the things the rest of the world takes for granted.

Doug Smith
Buncombe County

Extra help whenever it's needed

You give great service! Anytime I need help, someone is there to help me with my problem. You are nice people, you are non-profit, you offer virus protection, you are a pleasure to deal with!

JoAnna Swanson
Haywood County

You will note my subject line: "My Angel...MAIN". This is exactly what MAIN has meant to me. I am a widow with not a great deal of income and I found that MAIN is not as expensive as most. I have never had a lesson about working on a computer and therefore, I do run into problems occasionally, but MAIN always comes to my rescue immediately following my message to them. The volunteers are unbelievably terrific in that while on the phone with me and my computer online, they instruct me on just what to do to solve my problem!

Believe me, as soon as MAIN bumper stickers became available, I put one on my car! My use of a computer is genealogy which takes much research and time. I am sure that I use it for too long at a time, yet they have never cut me off. MAIN is definitely my angel!

Julia Spicer
McDowell County

Helping those who help others

My daughter and I have been disabled by pesticides and live a very isolated life. We seldom leave our home because of potentially deadly reactions to pesticides and other chemicals that we can no longer tolerate. Since 1987 I have served as director of Protect All Children's Environment, a national organization founded to support the chemically injured. Many of these people have similar disabilities and are extremely isolated due to their injuries. They can now reach us by Internet and access information from our website. I have an inoperable brain tumor and have suffered a great deal from the need to be on the phone for long hours with people needing support through PACE. Having MAIN's Internet service has allowed me to respond over the Internet when I am able and avoid constantly being on the phone. This has allowed me to help more people than I would have been able to help otherwise. The Internet service also saves me a great deal of pain and exhaustion and helps keep my spirits up for the work I need to do, which can be very depressing and sad.

When we moved to McDowell county in 1995 there was no locally available server at all. We were delighted when MAIN's service came to McDowell County. Not only were we helped financially, as we are on a fixed income, but our organization was able to benefit from the free Website and the community organizational networking available through MAIN. Being a member of MAIN has allowed us to feel part of the community. When we don't have access to so many activities, we can stay in touch with like-minded people in our community.

Yes, I feel strongly about MAIN. I wish everyone could have a community server like MAIN to help the disabled, to organize and bring together citizens and to provide Websites for nonprofits and further their efforts. MAIN does much more than this, but this is how it has most benefited me personally.

Elizabeth O'Nan
McDowell County

A sense of community

MAIN has its heart in the right place. It supplies solid, reliable service at rates "pluggers" can afford. I love MAIN not just because I get affordable email and Internet access.

The money I pay is used in a way to benefit the people in this area of the world, not just to line pockets that are already full enough.

Diana Donovan
Yancey County

I'd have been hard-pressed to earn a living here.

Telecommuting via MAIN saved my bacon when forced by conscience to give up a vital, rewarding life and many friends near San Francisco to move here to Stony Knob and care for my elderly mother and what's left of the family farm.

I could have used a commercial for-profit server, I suppose, but while there would've been plenty of spam, there would've been no sense of community in that, no enlightened homepage, nor, I strongly suspect, the ready technical help this semi-Luddite has repeatedly needed & recieved from MAIN's nice nerds.

Brooks Townes
Buncombe County

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