Mountain Area Information Network Mountain Area Information Network
Mountain Area Information Network Mountain Area Information Network
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MAIN's Mission:
The Mountain Area Information Network is a public access information network designed to:
  • Strengthen local and regional communities in Western North Carolina.
  • Provide access to electronic information in the tradition of public libraries and public-interest media.
  • Promote civic involvement and democratic dialogue by enabling citizens to become creators as well as consumers of information.
  • Promote life long learning.
  • Enhance economic opportunities and quality of life for Western North Carolina citizens.
As the community network of Western North Carolina, MAIN seeks to strengthen the experience of community in the mountains of North Carolina while providing affordable Internet access.

MAIN offers local, "home-grown" content plus links to carefully selected websites of civic interest. MAIN also offers true "public" discussion forums with full First Amendment protection. No private owner can "pull the plug" on MAIN's forums due to conflicting political viewpoints.

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